Monday, October 16, 2006

A major shows some love for podcasting!

So, we are still trying to figure out the outline for the show...but I just had to record another show. I'm leading towards putting out new episodes twice a month. Lemme know what you think.

This show was a blast to put together. Jeff is starting to share his load, and has found some great music.

My buddy Jason calls in to show some love. The two of us graduated from the University of Central Florida together. Both of us are graphic designers. Jason is a fantastic web designer. You can check him out at Jason Graphix

Darren Geffre - Bitter Pill
Get his latest album (Uncivilized) on iTunes

Rayko Pipes and the Kenny Ryan Band - Rest
Get there album (Six) on iTunes

Megaphone - Stain
Get there album (For Cryin' Out Load) on iTunes

Seven Mary Three - Settle Up
Get there latest album (Dis/Location) on iTunes

Promo for Buckeye Drivetime Podcast

Yes that's right....we got to play Seven Mary Three.
An absolute thrill for me! Love it!!!

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